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Mystic Astrology Reading – $30

Getting to the heart of how the Zodiac can help you understand yourself and what makes you tick. This cuts through much of the static of astrology and gives it a twist. This is the most important aspect of the signs and I share my in depth knowledge to help you understand the essence of the person. Includes a 30 min phone consultation and email correspondence.

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Love Sign Reading – $40

Find out if you are compatible with your mate…I will check your star chart and that of your partner to find out what attracts you and what may cause you problems…are you destined to be together…lets find out what makes you both tick. Contact me today and let me give you an amazing Love sign Reading today! I promise you will not be disappointed but amazed!

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Fortune Card Reading – $60

Believe it or not I don’t read tarot cards i read divination cards. I did tarot for a while but I found a system that works much better for me. My readings became more accurate and my clients were more satisfied so I built on that repetoire. Now I feel it gives me unique insights into my readings so I can help people get clarity on their issues and answer their questions. Includes a 60 min phone consultation and email correspondence.

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Free Numerology Reading

FREE personalized video numerology report…
So accurate…it’s scary
Artificial Intelligence Technology

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Free Chakra Gemstone Bracelet

FREE…Amethyst Chakra Bracelet
Purify negative energy with
the Master Healing Crystal…amethyst

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Free Manifestation Bracelet

FREE…Manifestation Bracelet
Focus your energy and clear your chakras
Gemstones…crystals…lava stones

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Beautiful Chakra Jewelry Set

Lava stones and natural gem stones
(Free shipping)

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Body Boost Crystals

FREE…Body Boost Crystals
Pendant for necklace
Remove Energy Blockages
Enhance spiritual energy

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Chakra Healing Pendant

FREE…Stunning Chakra Healing Pendant
Protect yourself from negative energies
with the 7 sacred chakra stones

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The Ultimate Online Tarot Reading Course

Become a Mystic reader today…
Cutting Edge Brainwave Entertainment Technology
to learn more efficiently

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FREE Love Reading

FREE…Love Tarot Reading
Click the deck…draw the cards
Easy and Fun

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FREE Cosmic Compatibility Reading

The future of your love profile

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I am proud to be using the Lenormand deck by (Spiritual Goddess) Rana George in my readings
This deck is very beautiful…the art work is spectacular…each card is like a little jewel…people are drawn to it’s mystery

Hear my radio interview with Michael Vara on Late Night in the Midlands…

Client Testimonials

I wasn’t exactly into the idea of Tarot or Astrology, but after being friends with Leslie for a while I came to trust her and allowed her to give me a Mystic Astrology reading. I had never been into these types of things because of my conservative religious beliefs. But she hit the nail on the head. She described me exactly and it blew me away. I still can’t get over it and am sold.` Roger S. Fort Myers, FL
My husband had just passed and I went to Leslie for a reading. I was very distraught as he was my soulmate. He had been sick for a long time and it was a very hard thing to deal with. She saw that I should not lose my house and suggested I try to do everything to save it. We discussed some options and decided on a reverse mortgage which I had to wait until my birthday to do. I feel like this is the best decision I ever made. It helped me secure my financial furture while going through personal and financial hardship. When I saw her again several months later she saw that I would have a man become very interested in me. She said he would pursue me intensely with hearts and flowers. I wasn’t ready for anything like that so I brushed it off. Within a few days I started getting texts and emails from an aquaintance. I was kind of shocked. He wanted to see me socially. He even came over to fix my screen door and he brought flowers. I decided to let him know that I only wanted to be friends because it was too soon for me. But I know he wanted more. Carol N. Port Charlotte, FL
I came to Leslie at an uneasy time. I had a premonition that I couldn’t shake that a catastrophe was eminent in my life. I needed some guidance. I felt Leslie understood my situation. Her reading had a calming effect in the coming weeks to help me get through the tough times. She saw the whole situation laid out in the reading and tried to reassure me I would get through it. As my personal relationship dissolved and I had legal trouble I had to call her to ask for reassurance that I would be OK. She said yes and sure enough after a few months I did get through it and am good now. I really don’t know how I made it through all of that, but I can’t thank her enough.Jimmy C. Fort Myers, FL

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