About Leslie

I remember the astrological signs from my whole 6th grade class…sounds strange I know…it was just a hobby of mine to study astrology and I felt like I had a gift for it. As a young girl I would sit with my Mother’s astrology books scattered all over my bedroom floor. Later I realized that this didn’t seem like a practical profession but I never lost interest in it.

Over the years I have visited different psychics and tarot card readers…they encouraged me to pursue this line of work. I have had many psychic dreams but in my waking state I tend to be very intuitive and try to use this in my readings

When I do a reading I try to come from a very sincere place with pure intentions…I pray…meditate…light candles…use crystals…I use different types of decks and spreads and try to connect with my clients energy and spiritual guides

I use Oracle cards and methods used in the 19th century and do a lot of research…I also utilize Sacred Geometry for my card spreads that are based on the principals of Quantum physics…specifically the “God particle”…and include astrology and numerology in my repertoire as well

I really enjoy helping people to understand themselves…
not all readings are perfect but I do my best to connect with divine influences

Hope you’ll agree…

Love…light…and lessons